XSGD Arbitrage
User authentication
Encrypted private key
The private key is encrypted with the password and the seed to prevent theft.

Initialization vector
This is a seed for encryption.

This is used for encryption of the private key.
This can be empty but it is not recommended.
Only uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and hyphen are accepted.
The length should be less than 43 characters.

User data settings
Your private key
This should be tied to an wallet address that has USDC tokens.
The key should start with 0x and be 64 characters length hexadecimal.
If you set a password and save this, you should enter the password every time when the page is reloaded.

Contract settings
Contract address
This is the address of the arbitrage contract.
Normally you do not have to change this.

This is how many tokens will be used for a transaction.

Transactions will be issued if the profit is more than or equal to this.